Are you looking for luxury furnishing complements capable of impressing even your most demanding customers?

Choose Morici to enrich your commercial offering with unique and distinctive products that are guaranteed to capture your customers’ attention. Immerse yourself now in the lively universe of Morici products in which dominant shapes and colours, dreamy fragments, futuristic visions and links with the past all spring to life.


Morici products enable you to offer genuinely unique furnishing solutions, distinct from the usual brands and standard classics, to satisfy those in search of true excellence.


Become an ambassador for the art, passion and master craftsmanship that still sets Italy apart from all other nations. Choose to amaze your customers with the timeless fascination of genuine Italian luxury.


If you choose to become a Morici retailer or distributor, you will enjoy special conditions, reserved content and exclusive offers.


made in italy



made in italy

An impressive demonstration of Italian craftsmanship

We are proud to keep alive the heritage of Italian style and to share it with our retailers and distributors. For us, Italian production is more just than a label.

We finish every detail with the utmost care and use the latest technologies and innovative tools to produce our unique and distinctive products.

Every article that leaves our hands is a product of master craftsmen and of unrelenting dedication to perfection.



Choose to be different

We know that demanding the most demanding customers want that something unique to reflect their personality to the full. Our team of designers and craftsmen work tirelessly to create exclusive furniture and furnishing accessories that simply cannot be found elsewhere


When you choose Morici, you choose to be different.


Our furniture and furnishing complements are designed to convey a sense of refinement and originality, and to help you transform plain interior spaces into enchanting and alluring environments. 


Every stage of the process is completed with the utmost care, from the selection of precious raw materials to the creation of impeccable finishes.


Morici furnishing complements tell a story

Craftsmanship is our core philosophy. We believe that only the most skilled human hands can create works of art that stand out for their beauty, quality and authenticity.


Join us and celebrate luxury craftsmanship. Become an ambassador of Italian art and tradition and offer your customers a chance to own unique and prestigious products.


With Morici, you will offer craftsmanship of a quality that stands out from the competition and delivers an unprecedented furnishing experience.


Our catalogue includes a wide range of smoking accessories (humidors, trunks and ash trays), lamps, desks, mirrors, tables, luxury box, photoframe, etc. Here is a selection of our highlights!



Effettuate spedizioni in tutto il mondo?

Si, effettuiamo consegne in tutto il mondo.

Il nostro team dedicato alla logistica e alla spedizione lavora con professionalità e precisione per garantire che ogni pezzo della nostra collezione venga imballato con cura e consegnato in modo sicuro e puntuale.

Quali sono le vostre certificazioni di qualità e gli standard di produzione?

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chi siamo Morici
about us

About Morici

Morici was formed in 1979 in Recanati, birthplace of the poet Giacomo Leopardi and cradle of Marche craftsmanship. As time went by, thanks to the excellence of our products, our small workshop grew into a flourishing company with a vocation for quality handicraft.


Our production site was expanded and new people employed to help our company’s experienced craftsmen satisfy a constantly growing demand and face new market challenges.


Today, the Morici brand is internationally acclaimed for the superb quality of its products and the originality of its designs.


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