Il nostro è un lavoro quotidiano di ricerca per evolvere costantemente il prodotto, l’accostamento di materiali eterogenei esalta la complessità dello stile e l’armonia raffinata delle tonalità raggiunge il suo colorato equilibrio.



(+39) 366 7407242


Via Volponi, 19 – Zona Ind.le Squartabue

62019 RECANATI (MC) – Italy


We produce furniture and accessories that furnish all the environments with the beauty and the quality of Made in Italy design.

The exaltation of the craftmanship is literally imprinted in design objects that are really unique.


The collection conceptualises nature in an inspirational design, transforms scenery into graphic language, and turns variables into colour codes and three-dimensional patterns.

The technique of inlaying is beautified by a complex geometrical design that flows uninterruptedly over the surfaces and adds character to all sides of the product.

Creativity and spirit of research. The Venezia collection enhances the taste of color combinations in a continuous dialogue with the elegance of the shapes.

The excellence of artisan know-how finds its maximum expression in luxury objects capable of enhancing the contexts in which you live. The union between art cabinetmaker of the past with manufacturing processes creates a complete synthesis of design, craftsmanship and quality that is the result of careful research into innovative materials and production techniques.

A story to tell. Lacquered and brushed wooden boxes with Alcantara interior.

Boxes with multiple drawers to hold your precious items. A clear and contemporary design vision, expressed through clean lines.

The exaltation of craftsmanship in woodworking. The themes of nature are evoked in our cigar boxes.

The classic embraces the contemporary in a combination of charm and elegance.

The know-how and skill of master-craftsmen are enhanced by a spirit of innovation and a feeling for contemporary style. The product becomes a project of design, an experiment in form, an aesthetic journey into new emotions.

Design logic and an instinct for interpreting the present blend with the ability to shape wood in a unique way. Research into form and material gives rise to an original approach to an element of furnishing.


Natural raw materials, wood and leather, carefully selected, bend to the pure forms of the project, the natural essences are colored with new shades for unique and always different combinations.

Our finish gives the product its indelible reflection of light that signs and protects over time the passion that we put in the attention to every detail.