Il nostro è un lavoro quotidiano di ricerca per evolvere costantemente il prodotto, l’accostamento di materiali eterogenei esalta la complessità dello stile e l’armonia raffinata delle tonalità raggiunge il suo colorato equilibrio.



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Via Volponi, 19 – Zona Ind.le Squartabue

62019 RECANATI (MC) – Italy



Morici was founded in 1979 in Recanati, birthplace of the poet Giacomo Leopardi, and cradle of the Marche craftsmanship.

Driven by a passion for craftsmanship, Luciano Morici and his wife Doriana Marconi started their business in the late seventies. They design and manufacture wood and leather accessories for the most important companies of the territory. The small artisan workshop became a company with a fundamental craftsmanship vocation.
The production premises are expanded and new workers are added to support the expert craftsmen in order to satisfy the growing demand and the complex challenges of the market.

The centuries-old Italian tradition of artistic woodworking

it is the experience that we have been passionately passing on for over 40 years.


Made in Italy

Our products are the result of the best Italian craftsmanship tradition in the processing of wood and leather. The company has a strong link with the beautiful territory of Marche, rich in art and culture and beautiful landscapes. Its has an entrepreneurial vocation strongly rooted and appreciated internationally. Morici products are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy.


Ours is a ten-year experience in the processing of materials such as wood, leather, glass and metal. The processing phases are a combination of high-tech and totally manual machinery work in order to obtain the highest quality of the finished product.


The search for new and original solutions is constant. This is in order to offer products capable of showing elegance and contemporary luxury and to enhance the fine workings that our cabinet-making and painting department is able to perform. This is a strategic mix between artisan knowledge and creative thinking.


The flexibility of the production phases and the great experience of our craftsmen allow us to customize each product according to the most particular needs.

Our furniture and accessories can be adapted to the most creative projects, due to the changing finishes, colors and materials. Each object can become an integral part of a wider vision, always maintaining a value of uniqueness and absolute constructive excellence.


Our aim is to innovate production processes, tools and materials to guarantee the minimum environmental impact and waste of resources.

However, it is the pursuit of quality and excellence of surface finishing processes that represents our most important contribution to the environment around us.

Each of our products is designed and manufactured to last for a long time, keeping intact its characteristics of beauty and shine.