Il nostro è un lavoro quotidiano di ricerca per evolvere costantemente il prodotto, l’accostamento di materiali eterogenei esalta la complessità dello stile e l’armonia raffinata delle tonalità raggiunge il suo colorato equilibrio.



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Via Volponi, 19 – Zona Ind.le Squartabue

62019 RECANATI (MC) – Italy



We use machinery and technologies for our processes that allow us to generate extremely flexible production, so much so that we can satisfy large orders and at the same time manage the customizations of individual items as requested by customers.


This is made possible by the fundamental contribution of the people who daily contribute with their work to the success of our company

Alongside the most experienced and specialized workers, young craftsmen grow to whom the company’s knowledge and know-how is constantly transferred.


Technology and Craftsmanship

Modern machines such as the pantograph, laser cutting and the press are found alongside traditional carpenter tools such as the planer and the circular saw. However, the most important tool remains the expert hand of the craftsman who skillfully composes the raw inlay and corrects the imperfections of the raw material that turns into a design object.


Matter becomes a new light

Our goal is to offer a quality painting that lasts a long time. We operate on four processing booths to protect the material with acrylic, polyurethane, water, polyester and paraffinated polyester paints with a glossy or matt effect. We apply our finishes on wood, glass, metal, ceramic, polymers and surfaces with digital printing application.


Quality can be caressed

Sanding and polishing makes objects pleasant to the touch. Each surface has its own characteristic, rough to enhance the naturalness of the wood, gentle to appreciate the harmoniousness of the lacquering. We use automatic and semi-automatic machines together with hand tools to perfect even the smallest of details.


The object reflects its soul

We enhance the surfaces making them perfectly smooth and shiny to bring out the object’s soul. We only use manual polishers that require highly skilled labor: understanding the right pressure to apply and which abrasive paste to use is the secret to pursuing perfection.


A precious garment

We take care of the details kept inside each product. This is an artisan department where most of the processes are manual: fabrics and leathers cutting, stitching and gluing are carried out with the help of cutters and sewing machines in order to create a tailored “dress” for each complement.


The whole is the sum of the parts

The different components are carefully assembled to ensure perfect operation. Fitting locks, adjusting hinges and drawers, checking the final quality of the product are tasks that require great attention and precision. When our product is finally complete, aesthetics and functionality coexist in the same form.

Packaging and Shipping

Our passion is ready to be shared

Valuables must be protected, so we make custom-made cardboard or wood packaging according to different shipping needs. We entrust our creations only to specialized partners that guarantee a fast and safe delivery of the product, up to the final customer.