Il nostro è un lavoro quotidiano di ricerca per evolvere costantemente il prodotto, l’accostamento di materiali eterogenei esalta la complessità dello stile e l’armonia raffinata delle tonalità raggiunge il suo colorato equilibrio.



(+39) 366 7407242


Via Volponi, 19 – Zona Ind.le Squartabue

62019 RECANATI (MC) – Italy


Our inspiration

It is the land where we were born to inspire our idea of colorful and elegant harmony.

Its gentle hills that slide down to the sea and the wise work of man who designs changing scenographies.
The centuries-old Italian tradition of woodworking is the experience that we have passionately handed down for over 40 years.

The craftsmanship of the master craftsmen and the modern processing technologies are the essence that makes our products unique and valuable over time.

We create colorful objects for contemporary furniture, for environments where the concept of luxury is the pure pleasure of surrounding yourself with an Italian taste that does not fade over time.


Natural raw materials, wood and leather, carefully selected, bend to the pure forms of the project, the natural essences are colored with new shades for unique and always different combinations.

The finish gives the product its indelible reflection of light that signs and protects over time the passion that we put in the care of every detail.

Our daily research work to constantly evolve the product, the combination of heterogeneous materials enhances the complexity of the style and the refined harmony of the shades reaches its colorful balance.